Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Vaginal Discharge Is Normal Unless There Is Some Abnormal Symptom

Every woman gets some vaginal discharge at some point of time or the other. Unless it is infectious it is normal to have such a discharge from the vagina. The fluid that comes of the vagina every day is composed of the dead cells of the lining of the vagina. So this discharge is a way of safeguarding your body parts and keeping them healthy and clean.

When any part lacks hygiene it can be prone to infections says Dr Garima Tyagi. So this is the natural way of keeping it clean and you should not interfere with this process. Many use douching to clean up the vagina. This is not healthy and instead of cleaning it up you may contact some infection so you should avoid it.
But also you should check the color of the discharge and whether it is abnormal. If the color is white and there is no smell from the discharge it is normal to have it. Usually the amount increases when you have ovulated and it may be a little thick. But if it is not foul smelling there is nothing to worry.
If the discharge is yellow or green in color there is some underlying issue to some part of the reproductive system probably the uterus. Then you may also have some itching and irritation in the area of the vagina. Probably you have contacted vaginitis.
In such a case you need to contact some best gynaecologist in indirapuram like Dr Garima Tyagi. Avoiding visiting the doctor may cause more complications for you and your partner.
The doctor may want to check your partner too if you are sexually active. This is to check if he also has some infection and to stop the infection from spreading further. On checking and undergoing some tests the real reason for the abnormal discharge from the vagina will be found out and the proper treatment plan will be given to the patients.
All such issues are treatable but you need to approach the right person that is a good gynecologist to avoid any tricky situation in the future.


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