Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Safe And Effective Contraceptive IUD | Dr. Garima Tyagi

After few months of childbirth, the mother may become sexually active and this may result in another pregnancy soon. However, spacing in between two children is really vital.  Having a child before the previous child turns three is not healthy for the child as well as the mother.
Then what is the solution for this? Does the woman have to forsake her sexual life and stay celibate for three years? This is not a practical solution. Every person has her or his need.

The best option is to use contraceptives is the opinion of Dr.Garima Tyagi, best gynaecologist in indirapuram. In case you get pregnant and are not ready for the next child you may even resort to terminating this pregnancy which is not a healthy option for the woman in question.

There are different kinds of contraceptives used by different people according to their convenience. One of the safest and most effective contraceptives is the IUD the intrauterine device.
There are many points in favor of using an IUD.
It is safe and effective and the risk of getting pregnant is only small.
You do not need to take a pill daily and if you forget then the risk of getting pregnant really gets high.
The other methods have many side effects like contraceptive hormones.

How is the IUD inserted?

You can get tested if IUD is safe for you. The doctor needs to perform a test if it is safe for you. Because under certain medical conditions or you are allergic to certain substances IUD may not be safe for you.
So after testing, if it is safe for you to wear this device you should do it. Then a nurse or a doctor may insert this t shaped device in your uterine. This will stop you from getting pregnant. 
The modern device is an upgraded version of the old device whose safety was questionable.  Once it is inserted you may feel some changes in you but these are only temporary and may get sorted out with time.

The body may get accustomed to a foreign body and you are safe. The fear of getting pregnant will not loom large on you and you can enjoy your sexual life with your partner without any hassle.  Use of IUD is a safe option. 


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