Thursday, 19 October 2017

Some Do's And Don’ts Of The Third Trimester Of The Pregnancy

he stages of a pregnancy in any woman is divided into three semester and each is called a trimester. The last one is from the onset of the 28th week. The gynecologists give some special advice to the women in this phase.
Dr Garima Tyagi one of the best gynecologist in Ghaziabad has this to say to the women who are in this phase of their pregnancy. She says there are five things that have to be given importance during this phase of the pregnancy
  1. Body changes
  2. Fetal developments
  3. Staying healthy
  4. Doctor visits
  5. Preparing for birth
Dr. Garima Tyagi

There will be plenty of changes seen in the body during this period.
The movement of the baby in the womb will increase which may cause some discomfort to the would-be mother.
  1. Urge to urinate may increase.
  2. Random tightening of the uterus may occur.
  3. Heartburn, swelling in the ankles, face and fingers may be seen
  4. May experience more pain and aches
  5. The tummy will grow bigger day by day
  6. Hemorrhoid
  7. Difficulty in sleeping
  8. Breasts become tender and may see some milk like leakage

In case there is some abnormal pain in the abdominal area, swelling, bleeding or some unrecognized ache you need to call your doctor immediately.
By this time all the organs and parts will be present. They need to grow and mature. The senses would have developed and can recognize voice and music.
As in any stage it is important for you to stay healthy. You need to go by the advice of your gynecologist as to what things you should avoid eating and what should not be missed in your diet.
Exercising also is important and you should follow the dos and don’ts according to the doctor’s advice.
It is important to visit the doctor at regular intervals as per the schedule. In case of any untoward feeling or pain then you can call in the doctor or visit the clinic for consultation.
Also you need to prepare yourself for the arrival of the baby. The hospital room needs to be booked and other preparations like the clothes and other items that you and your baby may need like diapers, baby clothes and so on in the hospital should be packed in a bag and kept ready so that you don’t need to hurry in the last minute.
You may get labor pains any time so be prepared and stay calm. Panicking may aggravate the matter for you and your near and dear ones says Dr Garima Tyagi, Sr. Gynaecologist at Shree Narayan Hospital. Call for help immediately when you get some pain.

Following these your pregnancy will be smooth and so will be the birth of your child.


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