Friday, 20 April 2018

Side Effects Of The Birth Control Pill Some Good Some Bad

As the name suggests the birth control pills are taken by women who do not wish to get pregnant when they are sexually active. This is a kind of medication and needs to be taken under the guidance of an expert and reliable medical practitioner.

Yes, it is one of the best ways to avoid pregnancy but as with other medications taking these birth control pills too have some side effects. Some are positive while the others are negative says Dr Garima Tyagi.

This expert gynaecologist is practicing in ShreeNarayan Hospital Ghaziabad from the past several years. So the opinion given by this expert holds a lot of weight. So what are these side effects that a woman can face when taking the pill then.

Dr.Garima Tyagi, who is considered one among the top 10 gynaecologistsin Indirapuram mentions a few positive side effects of taking birth control pills

  •  Help regulate the period and which makes it practically more predictable.
  • You can literally get rid of post menstrual syndrome or PMS with taking these pills on a regular basis.
  •  The pill has found to reduce the formation of acne and those suffering from menstrual migraine find no trace of it.
  • The chance of contacting ovarian cancer reduces drastically.
Now for the negative side effects of the birth control pills.
  •  There can be irregular spotting in the initial stages before the body gets adjusted to imbibing an overdose of hormones via tablets and pills. In case it persists the dose can be changed with the advice of the gynec.
  •  Taking of the pill can trigger blood clot. So it is always advisable to take the pills under medical guidance and in the dose prescribed.
  • Taking of the pill has found to reduce libido or sex drive in a few women.
  •  In some women it can cause irritability which is attributed to the initiation of moodiness.
  •  Some of the lactating mothers have found the slowing down of the production of breast milk. This is attributed to the use of birth control pills for a long period of time.

These are a few pros and cons of taking birth control pills. Always consult an expert before consuming some medications continuously over a long period of time.


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